Do flight attendants observe you? Here is the reason

A cordial greeting accompanied by a welcoming smile and that rapid “photograph” from head to toe: did you too happen to get on a plane and feel squared by the flight staff ? Sorry to belittle our ego, but hostesses and stewards do not find us particularly attractive (or at least that is not the time to eventually express their interest …) nor are they looking for inspiration from our look. None of this. So why are they looking at us so carefully as soon as they get on the airplane ladder?

This is explained by the British newspaper ” The Sun “, publishing an interview with some members of a crew. The ritual requires that the crew is present to welcome us, wishing us a safe journey. But this custom conceals something quite different. There are in fact three features that stewards and assistants immediately notice by taking a look at the passengers.

The first, identifiable by movements and behaviors, is to find out if anyone who aboard has abused alcohol or taken illegal substances . It is not difficult to notice if someone is drunk at take-off and the staff must be prepared because the passenger could become aggressive at any moment. In this regard, Sjaak Schulteis, an assistant of Lufthansa Airlines , states: “If a passenger gets under the influence of alcohol or drugs, he may not even be allowed to fly.”

Another detail not negligible by the assistants is your physical form . In this case, it is essential to understand if during an emergency situation you might be able to help evacuate. “If I see someone muscular and physically fit I memorize their face and seat – declares a hostess in the interview with the Sun -. Then I ask in all discretion one of these people if she is ready to help us, if necessary “.

Third and final step is to identify the nationality of each passenger . In the event of an emergency, the crew must ensure that they speak their own language. “If someone does not understand English, they will not be able to understand the instructions,” says Sjaak. But how to recognize the origin of travelers? The glance is not enough, then the experience of the on-board team comes into play: listening to conversations and observing read newspapers.

How to find cheap flights

How are cheap flights ? This is the question that my friends often ask me and that’s why I decided to write this article. 
In fact, since I took advantage of the offer for Japan A / R at 285 euros , the way I search for flights and the most convenient airfares has changed a lot, since until recently it was limited only to enter the destination and the dates of departure and arrival in a search engine and to buy the first price that was shown to me.

Patience, constancy and above all flexibility

The password is patience. There is no magic potion to find low-cost flights, but first of all you have to try to look patiently from day to day: you do not get much research. 
If instead you have the constancy of devoting a few moments of your day to search for flights, sooner or later you will be rewarded. Try first of all to look directly on the websites of the companies, often come out very interesting rates. 
Another option are the flight search engines, which are now wasted on the web. 
My favorites are:

  • skyscanner
  • ITA matrix
  • Kayak

I’ll tell you right away: if you’re hoping to find an intercontinental flight at mid-August or Christmas holidays, starting from the nearest possible airport, with fewer stopovers and spending less than 300 euros, then do not try it either. 
It can happen to find it, in life everything is possible, but the probabiblities are close to zero. 
Instead, look for dates that are not fixed but flexible, preferring periods of low season, flexible airports and, why not, also flexible destinations. So try, try, try various combinations of routes, dates and airports.

In fact, a way to find lower fares is to look for airports different from those that we usually use. For example, often to buy a flight to South America, it is much cheaper to search the flight from Madrid than from Rome or Milan: prices often turn out to be lower than hundreds of euros, you can then, for example, reach Madrid with a low-cost.

Often I am asked how I choose the destinations for my travels and I answer that are the goals to choose me: the choice falls in fact largely based on the rates that I find for a particular destination. Why do not you try? It’s fun, do a search and eventually choose the one with the cheapest ticket you can find 🙂

Error-Making and Open Jaw

Let’s start with one at a time. 
What is an error-do ? Airlines to calculate the price of their airline tickets use algorithms that are not perfect, but are subject to errors. Here then, because of these errors sometimes come out extremely interesting rates, rates to be taken “on the fly”.
Keep in mind, however, that the errors-making, being real errors, are corrected by the airlines when they realize it: it is essential to be quick in buying, given that often these rates, just because of their nature, last a few hours . Then the company notices them, corrects them and goodbye tattered price. In any case, when we bought the ticket, this is a real contract, so even if it was a mistake, the airline is still obliged to respect it .

Where to sleep in Tel Aviv, the best neighborhoods to stay

This article is intended as a practical guide on where to sleep in Tel Aviv , providing a clear view of the best areas to stay , depending on what you are looking for.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that Tel Aviv is a small city, founded just outside the borders of the ancient port city of Jaffa, and most hotels are in an area that can easily be crossed by a short 30-minute bike ride.

This is to say that almost all hotels are located near the various points of interest for this reason I chose to divide the neighborhoods not only by geographical area, but also depending on the needs and pleasures of everyone.

Each aerial of Tel Aviv in fact has different characteristics , its advantages and disadvantages and this guide aims to make the choice a little easier.


If you do not want to read all this guide (if not go on reading), I stayed at ‘ Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv , which thanks to the friendly staff and the excellent location near many shops and bars is in my opinion one of the choices best !

Ideal for families (children love it) Tayelet is the seafront of Tel Aviv which stretches for about 5 km between the city’s port and Jaffa, the old city.

Ideal for those who love sports or for those who love to wake up looking at the sea, Tayelet is full of high-end hotels and media as it is based on tourists.

Among the eclectic style buildings and the “bauhaus” buildings, the Neve Tzedek Quarter , first abandoned and then returned to the limelight, is one of the districts where the artists moved in the 80s and is located just outside Jaffa. It is the ideal area for those visiting Tel Aviv for the first time.

Neve Tzedek is a quiet suburb whose historic charm is enhanced by colorful houses and skyscrapers in the distance where you will not be able to avoid being attracted by the pretty and quaint boutiques selling traditional products and local art galleries.

Here are also some points of interest in Tel Aviv: the Suzanne Dellal dance center , the Nachum Gutman Museum and the Rokach House where you can learn something about the history of the neighborhood, once an enclave of the Jewish population.

What to See in Cairo and 3 Unmissable Tours in the Surroundings

The Capital of Egypt is a chaotic city, with a lot of traffic, but cheerful and full of life, and despite the considerations that can be done on security, there are many things to see and do in Cairo .

Yet, many tourists who arrive or leave for the cruise on the Nile have little time in this fascinating city: believe me, you could not make a mistake worse!

The whole region around the city has been continuously occupied for over 6,000 years and is rich in history and culture (both modern and ancient). For this reason it is worth taking at least 3 days for all things to see in Cairo: 2 to devote to the city and one for a trip around!

Foreword: is Cairo a dangerous city?

If you are wondering if Cairo is a dangerous city , do not worry, I asked myself before leaving.

Moreover, on our media, it seems that the news from Egypt come only and always when something bad happens: bombs, terrorist attacks and so on.

Just in 2017, not long ago, on Palm Sunday there were two simultaneous attacks in Tanta and Alexandria, and 44 people lost their lives.

So to the question: is Cairo a dangerous city ? In conscience, as a person writing on the web, I could not answer: on one hand saying “no, it is strasicura” would be a little simplistic, on the other to say that “yes it is” would be at least unreal.

On the other hand I would say that nobody could ever answer this question in an absolutistic way.

If I have to base myself on my experience as a traveler who visited Egypt in July 2018 (so not so long ago) I would be tempted to say that in Cairo it is more dangerous to cross the road than to die swept away by a bomb: the roads and tourist sites are guarded day and night by the police and in general, walking the streets you never have the feeling that something dangerous is about to happen.

As usual, the only recommendation I have is to use common sense, keep away from potential trouble and demonstrations, check the recent notices from the government embassy and the foreign ministry and make absolutely no travel insurance.

Spoiler : from the news that comes to me, it seems that 2019 will again be the year of this country’s tourist boom .

The Best Things to See at Aswan in 2 Days

What are the things to see in Aswan ? From the Nubian Museum to the Great Dam, from the magnificent Abu Simbel Temples and File to the islands on the placid waters of the Nile, from the relaxed mega atmosphere to the romantic spice market, here are the things not to be missed in Aswan that will make you fall in love with this destination how they made me fall in love.

Aswan is a calm and warm city, full of incredible things to see and do.

When I come back from a trip, with the thousand emotions in turmoil, it is always very difficult to think about what were in a country, my favorite destinations.

Egypt is an amazing country, full of history, traditions and culture but the winner’s palm definitely goes to Aswan. From the absolutely hypnotic temples of Abu Simbel and File to peaceful boat trips to the islands of Elefantina and Kitchener, Assuan is filled with historical riches, peaceful Nubian villages and beautiful views of the Nile.


If you travel in Egypt do it yourself or with a tour, however in Aswan you arrive sooner or later, it is one of the crucial points of every Nile cruise : here’s what to see in Aswan , which you really can not miss.

Virtually every night, while Massi slept in the hotel with air conditioning, I, as a good “spice hunter”, took the boat, crossed the Nile and went for a ride to Sharia al-Souq , or in the market of Aswan , for fill my pockets with cinnamon, saffron, karkade , cloves, bergamot, pepper and nutmeg.

Located in the center of the town, a stone’s throw from the train station and the Nile bank, the Aswan market is a shopper’s paradise: the stalls are full of spices, traditional galebeyas (long robes) and fabrics, silverware and souvenirs of all kinds are wasted in a rainbow of colors and perfumes.

It is a fun place to explore and in general the sellers are more lovable and less aggressive than in other markets such as Khan el Khalili in Cairo .

Pay attention to the perfumes (Aswan is famous for the perfumes) and to the Nubian embroideries of the peoples of Upper Egypt. And if like me you are addicted to the karkade, you will be spoiled for choice among the huge buckets of dark red hibiscus petals that you can buy by weight to recreate the drink at home (or to make a gift).

Abu Simbel: What to know and how to visit it

Built to stand the test of time, to pay tribute to the pharaoh as a god and to impress anyone in front of them, the Abu Simbel temples still perform their task today, 3,000 years after their construction.

The Great Temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel, with the 4 giants at the entrance representing the pharaoh

Strongly wanted by Ramses II , the Abu Simbel temples are one of the unmissable things of every trip to Egypt .

After my two visits here (at a distance of 9 years one from the other!) I wrote the things we need to know . At the end of this post you also find how to visit it, so you can avoid the cheats that unfortunately do not say it, but in Egypt they are always lurking around the corner.

In any case, the first moment in which you will see the statues of the pharaoh will be a moment that will remain engraved in your life forever.

The temple of Abu Simbel  was strongly desired and built by Ramses II to celebrate his victory against the Hittites at the Battle of Kadesh in 1274 BC. 
The temple was dedicated to a series of ancient Egyptian deities such as Ra-Horakhty , Ptah and Amon.

Abu Simbel was designed by the pharaoh also to be a testimony of his power that should never be affected by time.

That’s why the impressive statues and the temple itself were built of solid stone.

Ramses, also (ok was also a bit ‘megalomaniac, let’s face it), did not want his temple could be destroyed by future kings and wanted to make his position of true god eternal . This is also one of the reasons why the temples to him and his queen Nefertari were so far away, about 280 km south of Aswan , near the border with present Sudan.

And the Abu Simbel temples remained intact , even though the sand eventually covered them, erasing their memory until in 1813 the Swiss archaeologist Burckhardt (the same who discovered Petra in Jordan , just to understand), found it under the sand. The work to bring Abu Simbel back to light began until the Italian archaeologist Giovanni Battista Belzoni entered the complex for the first time in 1817.

Even today the Abu Simbel temples fully meet Ramses’ goal of living 
forever .

Hotel Advice: Ikos Dassia Resort in Corfu

Because of its proximity and history with continental Europe, the island of Corfu was actually one of the first Greek islands to experience mass tourism.

For this reason, Corfu has numerous accommodation options, many restaurants and bars and a more cosmopolitan atmosphere than the neighboring islands.

When I thought about organizing my trip, I decided to opt for a resort that lived up to the expectations of this wonderful island: after reading many reviews on hotels and resorts in Corfu, the choice was to try, for once , an all-inclusive open last May: the choice fell on ‘ Ikos Dassia Resort .

I admit, the choice was a little risky: it is known that the new structures are beautiful but that you can incur the usual difficulties of a resort without running-in.

The expectations were however very high and, believe me, I could not have made a better choice: it is no coincidence that Ikos Resorts have dominated the scene of the last year in the panorama of luxury all-inclusive resorts winning the “2018 Trip Advisor Travelers’ Choice awards “ .

The Ikos Dassia is about a 30-minute drive from Corfu Airport (CFU) on the east coast of the island, in a beautiful bay, where you can admire breathtaking sunrises and incredible views of the mainland. It is also strategically located for visiting the island.

As soon as we set foot outside the airport of Corfu we were greeted by the representative of Ikos Dassia, who very kindly took us to the car to take us to the Resort where we are given some refreshing towels and we are invited to sit on the terrace.

Waiting for the room (our choice fell on a Panorama Junior Suite ) we are given all the information regarding the stay: activities, restaurants, theme nights. So we are invited to have breakfast.

Since the wait for the room is prolonged, we decide to make a first round to discover the Resort just to confirm our first impression: the rooms are beautifully furnished with class and elegance , nothing is left to chance. In particular, the Hall is bright and composed of several lounges where guests can read, relax and have a drink.

How to Choose the Right Name for Your Travel Blog

So you finally made the big decision: you decided to open a travel blog and chase your dreams. You did well, I assure you! 
Opening a travel blog to me has changed my life : five years ago, if someone had told me that I could make money with a blog and that I could travel thanks to it, I would have laughed.

Instead, here I am 5 years later to encourage people to accept my own challenge.

Before proceeding, however, let me take it a while ‘saying that I’m happy because I have already convinced dozens of people to open a travel blog and I’m really proud of this 🙂

That said, one of the hardest things and one of the most frequently asked questions, was how to choose the name of the blog .

This article wants to help you do just that, to clarify a bit ‘ideas on how to choose the name of your blog. We will also talk about something not so obvious: the names to be avoided like the plague .

The name of your blog (also known as the domain name) is all that is found between the “www.” And the “.it” of the URL of your website, but not only. The name will become your brand, your business and your earnings, so it’s one of the most important aspects of a travel blog and you have to choose it carefully.

Remember the choice of the name is THE thing to which you have to pay more attention than all because:

1 – you have to choose a name that you like . In short, the name of the blog is like a tattoo: it’s something that you wear on you and that you’re supposed to keep for the rest of your life so you have to like it and not have to get tired of it. If for some unpleasant reason you decide to change it, you will have to spend and waste both money and time.

2 – the name of the blog will also be the domain name and therefore must be something that is easy to remember and to edit for those looking for you on the web: the name can make the difference between having readers find you (and they come back ) and readers who can not find you anymore and who will therefore go somewhere else (probably from one of your competitors).

3 – the name of your blog is what will distinguish you from millions of other blogs.

Also remember that it is very important to choose the name of the blog as soon as possible because it means starting to blogging as soon as possible and then start earning as soon as possible.

Names that I would personally avoid

Before starting to give you some ideas on the name of the blog, I started by telling you the names that I would personally avoid in order to narrow down the possibilities.

First of all, I would avoid clichés : your name must stand out in a market of millions of travel blogs, so it is better to avoid the usual terms that you see appear in 75% of blogs on the web.

Choose the destination and prepare for the trip: here’s how I do it

One of the biggest difficulties for a traveler is to choose the destination for the next trip. We spend hours, sometimes days staring at the globe marveling every time how big it is and we think about how many countries we still want to visit more and more aware that making a choice is a really complicated undertaking.

Someone even turns the globe, closes his eyes and points his finger that irremediably goes to indicate a more or less indefinite point in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. No, this way of choosing a destination does not work.

How to choose the destination for the next trip?

One of the things that I really can never do is to plan and this is also reflected in the choice of the new journey. It happens to me that if I decide to want at all costs to decide where to go and within the loopof thinking which destination, I can hardly ever get out of it and this creates a crazy stress: so I avoid thinking and generally I abandon myself to ‘ inspiration . I know, maybe I read an article on the internet or I see a movie at the cinema and I spend the whole night with the fire inside without closing my eyes thinking about what I read or saw the first thing I do in the morning just jump out of bed is to attach me to the internet and look for the plane ticket. And if I find it goodbye, I’ll buy it. Then I think about the consequences and in the following days I go to pray my boss to allow me the holidays.

This happened to me when I looked for flights to Iran. I was at BIT 2015, a tourism fair that takes place every year in Milan and wandered among the various booths of the countries looking for that inspiration that did not reach me. Everywhere I saw photographs of beautiful places, but none that could turn on that particular spark until I came across the stand of Iran on which stood a large inscription: Iran, travel in ancient Persia . And there, stunned in the midst of thousands of people passing by, I fell in love.

Needless to say, the day after I had the tickets in my pocket and my heart was beating wildly .

Other times I happened to choose a destination because in some of my crazy raids in the world of the network I stumbled on some air tickets at exceptional prices , as for example in the case of Japan to 285 euros a / ro Brazil to 330, but I it happens quite often also because these tickets do not happen every day.

For the rest I admit to spending most of my free time thinking about which countries in the world I would like to visit, what I would like to see, which people I would like to meet, in short I am looking for a reason, something that looks like a suitable purpose occasion.

Meanwhile, one of the fundamental factors that should be taken into consideration is the time we have available. Once a person I met on the road told me that time is the most precious thing we have and how to blame him? This is why I believe that time is one of the fundamental factors in choosing the next destination: going to a place without having enough time to dedicate it does not do it justice and that’s exactly what I identify simply as the desire to put a flag on the map , right to say I was there .