Choose the destination and prepare for the trip: here’s how I do it

By | November 6, 2018

One of the biggest difficulties for a traveler is to choose the destination for the next trip. We spend hours, sometimes days staring at the globe marveling every time how big it is and we think about how many countries we still want to visit more and more aware that making a choice is a really complicated undertaking.

Someone even turns the globe, closes his eyes and points his finger that irremediably goes to indicate a more or less indefinite point in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. No, this way of choosing a destination does not work.

How to choose the destination for the next trip?

One of the things that I really can never do is to plan and this is also reflected in the choice of the new journey. It happens to me that if I decide to want at all costs to decide where to go and within the loopof thinking which destination, I can hardly ever get out of it and this creates a crazy stress: so I avoid thinking and generally I abandon myself to ‘ inspiration . I know, maybe I read an article on the internet or I see a movie at the cinema and I spend the whole night with the fire inside without closing my eyes thinking about what I read or saw the first thing I do in the morning just jump out of bed is to attach me to the internet and look for the plane ticket. And if I find it goodbye, I’ll buy it. Then I think about the consequences and in the following days I go to pray my boss to allow me the holidays.

This happened to me when I looked for flights to Iran. I was at BIT 2015, a tourism fair that takes place every year in Milan and wandered among the various booths of the countries looking for that inspiration that did not reach me. Everywhere I saw photographs of beautiful places, but none that could turn on that particular spark until I came across the stand of Iran on which stood a large inscription: Iran, travel in ancient Persia . And there, stunned in the midst of thousands of people passing by, I fell in love.

Needless to say, the day after I had the tickets in my pocket and my heart was beating wildly .

Other times I happened to choose a destination because in some of my crazy raids in the world of the network I stumbled on some air tickets at exceptional prices , as for example in the case of Japan to 285 euros a / ro Brazil to 330, but I it happens quite often also because these tickets do not happen every day.

For the rest I admit to spending most of my free time thinking about which countries in the world I would like to visit, what I would like to see, which people I would like to meet, in short I am looking for a reason, something that looks like a suitable purpose occasion.

Meanwhile, one of the fundamental factors that should be taken into consideration is the time we have available. Once a person I met on the road told me that time is the most precious thing we have and how to blame him? This is why I believe that time is one of the fundamental factors in choosing the next destination: going to a place without having enough time to dedicate it does not do it justice and that’s exactly what I identify simply as the desire to put a flag on the map , right to say I was there .

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