Japan is the first cultural destination in the world

By | August 28, 2020

The Japan won the first prize as the favorite foreign destination for the cultural offer on the occasion of the Italian Travel Awards 2018 , the third edition of the Italian Tourism Oscar who has just held in Rome.

“In 2017 the Italians in the Rising Sun were 125,864, a great result that pushes us to aim higher and higher with the aim of making it a ‘must-to-do’ destination” , commented the Director of the tourism authority Japanese in Italy, Miyuki Iyoda. ” Surely Japan, with its fascinating and mystical allure, diversified landscapes, its living traditions – not least the culinary one – and the contrast with modernity and finally, the seasonal variety, entice us to return and discover its numerous characteristics ” .

Japan has for years been one of the first destinations chosen by tourists and is present in all the popular rankings drawn up by the most prestigious magazines and travel sites.

Its culture is undoubted. So different from the western one to fascinate anyone. To convey their cultural heritage even more to visitors, the Japanese have devised a program to involve foreigners in the first person, immersing them completely in the Japanese environment and lifestyle, a veritable Japan Experience that goes beyond the classic itineraries , offering cultural visits and unusual destinations.

Japanese culture is not just visiting a temple, but it is a cooking class, a whiskey tasting or a night walk. The traveler becomes the protagonist and discovers in an active and personal way the particularities and wonders of Japan. These “local” experiences also have extremely affordable prices, starting at 30 euros. And to say that Japan has the reputation of being an expensive country.

But that is not all. Culture also means living in the environments of the Japanese. The choice of accommodation can therefore make the difference. No hotels, but traditional houses that can be rented also in the big cities like Tokyo , Kyoto, Kanazawa and Fukuoka. A decidedly more economical as well as authentic solution.

To make the experience even more real in Japan there is a unique service, offered by Travel Angels . These “guardian angels”, whether they are Japanese or foreigners living in the country for years, are a real point of reference for the foreign traveler who does not know the language (one of the biggest obstacles for Japan for us Westerners).

Deep connoisseurs of the destination, they make themselves available to visitors to facilitate their travel experience, thanks to the precious suggestions and their support, acting as intermediaries with the Japanese world and culture. The language will therefore no longer be a problem, you will no longer lose yourself in the streets and you will not miss the train or the subway line, you will order the right dish at the restaurant without surprises and you can go deeper into any topic related to Japanese culture.

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