Giulianova, the sea of ​​Abruzzo with the Blue Flag

By | May 28, 2020

Giulianova is one of the most popular seaside destinations in Abruzzo . Moreover, for almost ten years it has continuously obtained the Blue Flag of the Fee for the purity of its waters.

The beaches of this destination on the Teramo coast are very busy in summer. The area where several hotels have risen over the last few years is the Lido area. Visitors to this resort come to us for its long equipped beaches and for the entertainment it offers. It is an excellent summer destination for those with families . There are hotels, residences and even campsites.

The sand is white, the blue sea. The beach is very large and protected by palm trees, it seems to be in some exotic locations.

But Giulianova also has a beautiful historic center to attract tourists. In 1400 the city played a very important role because, due to its strategic position, it was considered the border of Christianity and became a real fortress dedicated to the Virgin.

Today Giulianova Alta dominates from the top of its hill (less than 70 meters) the sea. It can be reached along the Salita Monte Grappa. Among the places of greatest interest there is the round tower called “Il Bianco”, the largest remaining of the remains of the ancient walls that surrounded the city. Since 2001, it has been the site of the archaeological section of the Civic Museum Pole, where the testimonies of the life of the Roman city of Castrum Novum Piceni, founded by the Romans around 290 BC at the mouth of the Batinus river, the today’s Tordino south of the city are preserved .

In the historic center there is also the Church of Santa Maria a Mare, whose dome is clearly visible in every corner of the city, the sanctuary of the Madonna dello Splendore, the Church of Sant’Antonio and the Chapel of the Bartolomei.

The tourist season in Giulianova kicks off with the International Festival of Music Bands and Majorettes , the most important festival of band groups in Italy and among the most successful in Europe, this year at its 19th edition, and which takes place at the end May and early June.

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