How to find cheap flights

By | September 6, 2019

How are cheap flights ? This is the question that my friends often ask me and that’s why I decided to write this article. 
In fact, since I took advantage of the offer for Japan A / R at 285 euros , the way I search for flights and the most convenient airfares has changed a lot, since until recently it was limited only to enter the destination and the dates of departure and arrival in a search engine and to buy the first price that was shown to me.

Patience, constancy and above all flexibility

The password is patience. There is no magic potion to find low-cost flights, but first of all you have to try to look patiently from day to day: you do not get much research. 
If instead you have the constancy of devoting a few moments of your day to search for flights, sooner or later you will be rewarded. Try first of all to look directly on the websites of the companies, often come out very interesting rates. 
Another option are the flight search engines, which are now wasted on the web. 
My favorites are:

  • skyscanner
  • ITA matrix
  • Kayak

I’ll tell you right away: if you’re hoping to find an intercontinental flight at mid-August or Christmas holidays, starting from the nearest possible airport, with fewer stopovers and spending less than 300 euros, then do not try it either. 
It can happen to find it, in life everything is possible, but the probabiblities are close to zero. 
Instead, look for dates that are not fixed but flexible, preferring periods of low season, flexible airports and, why not, also flexible destinations. So try, try, try various combinations of routes, dates and airports.

In fact, a way to find lower fares is to look for airports different from those that we usually use. For example, often to buy a flight to South America, it is much cheaper to search the flight from Madrid than from Rome or Milan: prices often turn out to be lower than hundreds of euros, you can then, for example, reach Madrid with a low-cost.

Often I am asked how I choose the destinations for my travels and I answer that are the goals to choose me: the choice falls in fact largely based on the rates that I find for a particular destination. Why do not you try? It’s fun, do a search and eventually choose the one with the cheapest ticket you can find 🙂

Error-Making and Open Jaw

Let’s start with one at a time. 
What is an error-do ? Airlines to calculate the price of their airline tickets use algorithms that are not perfect, but are subject to errors. Here then, because of these errors sometimes come out extremely interesting rates, rates to be taken “on the fly”.
Keep in mind, however, that the errors-making, being real errors, are corrected by the airlines when they realize it: it is essential to be quick in buying, given that often these rates, just because of their nature, last a few hours . Then the company notices them, corrects them and goodbye tattered price. In any case, when we bought the ticket, this is a real contract, so even if it was a mistake, the airline is still obliged to respect it .

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