Where to sleep in Tel Aviv, the best neighborhoods to stay

By | July 6, 2019

This article is intended as a practical guide on where to sleep in Tel Aviv , providing a clear view of the best areas to stay , depending on what you are looking for.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that Tel Aviv is a small city, founded just outside the borders of the ancient port city of Jaffa, and most hotels are in an area that can easily be crossed by a short 30-minute bike ride.

This is to say that almost all hotels are located near the various points of interest for this reason I chose to divide the neighborhoods not only by geographical area, but also depending on the needs and pleasures of everyone.

Each aerial of Tel Aviv in fact has different characteristics , its advantages and disadvantages and this guide aims to make the choice a little easier.


If you do not want to read all this guide (if not go on reading), I stayed at ‘ Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv , which thanks to the friendly staff and the excellent location near many shops and bars is in my opinion one of the choices best !

Ideal for families (children love it) Tayelet is the seafront of Tel Aviv which stretches for about 5 km between the city’s port and Jaffa, the old city.

Ideal for those who love sports or for those who love to wake up looking at the sea, Tayelet is full of high-end hotels and media as it is based on tourists.

Among the eclectic style buildings and the “bauhaus” buildings, the Neve Tzedek Quarter , first abandoned and then returned to the limelight, is one of the districts where the artists moved in the 80s and is located just outside Jaffa. It is the ideal area for those visiting Tel Aviv for the first time.

Neve Tzedek is a quiet suburb whose historic charm is enhanced by colorful houses and skyscrapers in the distance where you will not be able to avoid being attracted by the pretty and quaint boutiques selling traditional products and local art galleries.

Here are also some points of interest in Tel Aviv: the Suzanne Dellal dance center , the Nachum Gutman Museum and the Rokach House where you can learn something about the history of the neighborhood, once an enclave of the Jewish population.

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