How to Choose the Right Name for Your Travel Blog

By | November 6, 2018

So you finally made the big decision: you decided to open a travel blog and chase your dreams. You did well, I assure you! 
Opening a travel blog to me has changed my life : five years ago, if someone had told me that I could make money with a blog and that I could travel thanks to it, I would have laughed.

Instead, here I am 5 years later to encourage people to accept my own challenge.

Before proceeding, however, let me take it a while ‘saying that I’m happy because I have already convinced dozens of people to open a travel blog and I’m really proud of this 🙂

That said, one of the hardest things and one of the most frequently asked questions, was how to choose the name of the blog .

This article wants to help you do just that, to clarify a bit ‘ideas on how to choose the name of your blog. We will also talk about something not so obvious: the names to be avoided like the plague .

The name of your blog (also known as the domain name) is all that is found between the “www.” And the “.it” of the URL of your website, but not only. The name will become your brand, your business and your earnings, so it’s one of the most important aspects of a travel blog and you have to choose it carefully.

Remember the choice of the name is THE thing to which you have to pay more attention than all because:

1 – you have to choose a name that you like . In short, the name of the blog is like a tattoo: it’s something that you wear on you and that you’re supposed to keep for the rest of your life so you have to like it and not have to get tired of it. If for some unpleasant reason you decide to change it, you will have to spend and waste both money and time.

2 – the name of the blog will also be the domain name and therefore must be something that is easy to remember and to edit for those looking for you on the web: the name can make the difference between having readers find you (and they come back ) and readers who can not find you anymore and who will therefore go somewhere else (probably from one of your competitors).

3 – the name of your blog is what will distinguish you from millions of other blogs.

Also remember that it is very important to choose the name of the blog as soon as possible because it means starting to blogging as soon as possible and then start earning as soon as possible.

Names that I would personally avoid

Before starting to give you some ideas on the name of the blog, I started by telling you the names that I would personally avoid in order to narrow down the possibilities.

First of all, I would avoid clichés : your name must stand out in a market of millions of travel blogs, so it is better to avoid the usual terms that you see appear in 75% of blogs on the web.

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